"Tender Vessels" advances a complex relationship with Romanticism while addressing topical global concerns. Encoded within its tapestries, corn dollies, collages, banner paintings and carvings is a history of capital, from the Crusades and the dynastic empires of the Italian Renaissance, through the birth of the global economy in the 17th century, to its present day corporate conflicts and failures. These works form a complete visual lexicon of the paraphernalia of economic power.

"With their honoring of folkloric aesthetic vocabularies, their non-oppositional encompassing of complex, verbally-based literary and philosophical realms and love of shiny things, their history of collaborative social experiment and advocacy for the viability of small-scale group politics (both in their own work and within their communities), and their productive model of sensory-grounded human intellect that recognizes its continuity with the rest of nature, Catharyne Ward and Eric Wright have, in Tender Vessels offered a walk-through manifesto for the future of art, and the components for a makeshift coffin-raft to carry us to the next shore." - Doug Harvey

Review of Tender Vessels the Book by Ken Hollings
Review from A-N