Artists CATHY WARD (UK) & ERIC WRIGHT (USA), Andres Serrano, Raymond Pettibon (USA), Stu Mead (USA) Arny Schmit (Lux) Lawrence Caroll, Frances Marshall (FR) Review : The exhibition at Gallery Toxic, on the question of religion, opened the same day as the celebration of the octave. Just steps from the cathedral and its blessings uninterrupted, the gallery has selected the works of contemporary artists questioning religiosity. We remember the work of Andres Serrano, Piss Christ, destroyed by religious fanatics at their show in Avignon in 2011. For his exhibition, Armand Hein, says "I chose artists that deal with the issue singularly religious or spiritual, I wanted a mixture, a dialogue between different works, as the digest of our relationship to religion," he says. Holy God. The viewer is greeted by Anglo-American artists CATHY WARD and ERIC WRIGHT, 'TENDER VESSELS', consisting of three large tapestries, recalling the sacred tapestries. Referring to the Crusades, they juxtapose excerpts from original fabrics in designs they make, to poll the audience on the epic of the Crusaders and its dogma. The drawings they make repeat symbols allocated to the Freemasons and other occult societies, close their practices in the religious sphere. Andres Serrano and Lawrence Carroll, both of which are moving towards a sacred representation of death, pointing to one of the stigmata of Jesus and the other for the shroud in which it was wrapped. "Holy ... Holy ... Holy ... "is a good overview of the proposals of contemporary art about spirituality without falling into dubious or outrageous criticism. Exhibition image UNHOLY LAND by CATHY WARD & ERIC WRIGHT
Friday 27 April 2012 - Sunday 24 June 2012