"...Which is pretty much where we find ourselves today. In the face of the imminent collapse of Western Civilization, with academia and the Art World vigorously policing their spurious claims to radical cultural authority, we are called upon find new models of artmaking that value all meaning, and locate the source of significance as below: subcultural, subconscious, decentralized, collectively authored, empirical yet indeterminate, and open to revelation. With their honoring of folkloric aesthetic vocabularies, their non-oppositional encompassing of complex verbally-based literary and philosophical realms and love of shiny things, their history of collaborative social experiment and advocacy for the viability of small scale group politics (both in their own work and within their communities), and their productive model of sensory-grounded human intellect that recognizes its continuity with the rest of nature, Catharyne Ward and Eric Wright have, in Tender Vessels offered a walk- through manifesto for the future of art, and the components for a makeshift coffin-raft to carry us to the next shore."

-Doug Harvey

"...In the individual and joint works of Ward and Wright, this interest spans national boundaries and local cultural sensibilities. American, English and German folklore, underground and outsider traditions are as likely to crop up. In many ways, their engagement is quite physical, the imagery often drawn from places to which they travel. They are artistic practice as a form of road movie."

-Ken Pratt

"...Destiny Manifest dances with notions of tourism and war, America's aggressive expansion threads through the idea of the near-endless road; the show depicts the interface between history and mythology, it brings into focus the uses of painting, the relationship of folk art to high art, to the ways that the land is conceptualised. Destiny Manifest ties the past up with the present, it's a series of visual essays about landscape and one's relationship to the country. It is tremendous and grand, the themes are all mixed up in a jumble that makes sense. And look, Ward and Wright continue to express themselves in an international artistic language that is their own, making sense of the world, ordering arcane notions into something tangible, communicable, beautiful."

-Dr Charlotte Cooper

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